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Urban environment has created a diverse structure of planning and development that allows living with the growing acknowledgement of exotic wilderness, native and indigenous vegetation. The biology of vegetation has been altered to serve the seasonal change of growth and conditions for the economy to evolve, as each population expands.
With regular maintenance extension of the equality of life for vegetation and the urban environment are given a new lease on life assessing the longevity to at least 40 to 60 years. This gives the proven condition of the environment to remain sustainable beyond the accommodation of existing occupations, allowing height grades of evaluation and the ability to warrant possession of overpopulation growths.
Before maintenance of required work standards can be applied it needs to be recommended through guidelines and reviews by a consulting arborist who is professional and experienced to assess the severe consequence through likelihood that would cause immediate injury/death or damage to humans or structures.
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Rialto Observation Deck 2009 (view to Albert Park and Peninsula)